13 11 2008

Grei pils med en fin bitterhet, nesten på grensen til det sure. Bedre jo kaldere den er. Blir nesten litt kvalmende når den blir lunken.

Jeg er altså ikke helt enig med varedeklarasjonen:

-«Tsingtao Beer has a pleasant aroma and a well-balanced taste. It has high-malty flavor and well-hopped character. Tsingtao is produced with spring water from Laoshan, a mountain area famous throughout China for the purity of its water. The domestically-grown hops used to brew Tsingtao are of such high quality that they are also exported to European breweries. Tsingtao also uses the finest yeast and barley imported from Australia and Canada in its brewing process».

ABV: 4.8

Style: Lager

Brewery: Tsingtao Brewery

Region: China